Hello! Welcome to my little nook of the internet! My name is Lauren and I am the owner/designer behind Highwing Creative Co. I started this studio with the hopes of providing both custom and unique paper products, while also sharing my passion for graphic design with others. From invitations and programs, to escort cards and day of signage, the paper details that surround your event should be custom to your tastes and individual style.

My company name is unique in that it honors a person who will forever be remembered as my role model, personal comedian, and best friend all wrapped up in one - my dad. After his sudden passing a few years back, I have learned to appreciate the little things that life has to offer, and to forever cherish the memories we are given. It only seemed right to name my studio and design work in honor of him.

My father's second love next to his kids and family was flying airplanes. He had been learning to fly in his spare time for years, and loved exploring life from high up in the clouds. Highwing is a term used to describe when an aircraft's wings are mounted to the highest portion of the plane - a little tidbit I would only know thanks to my dad. This small tribute is nothing compared to the huge impact he had on my life, however, is a name that hits close to home personally. I am forever grateful to him for providing me with years of unconditional love, life teachings, Neil Diamond music jams, and adventures in the sky. In honor of you, Dan Mattes, Highwing Creative Co. was born.

Designing is always my go-to, but when I am not in front of the computer you can find me hanging with friends and family, or lounging on the couch with my favorite little pup, Caro. Thank you so much for taking the time to find out what Highwing Creative Co. is all about! Please feel free to email highwingcreativeco@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries.